It is important to read carefully the terms and conditions of course participation. These terms and conditions are in place to benefit both student and college and ensure each course runs smoothly.

Participation & Attendance
You must be 16 years of age to participate on any of our courses. Regular course attendance and a minimum of 6 hours study/practice per week is recommended while participating on our diploma courses. Poor attendance and lack of study/practice may affect your ability to understand course subject matter and pass final examinations. Some modules are covered under distance learning, whereby students must research topics on their own to demonstrate the ability to actively resource information and understand the role of self-learning. Our undergrad/fastrack online courses are best suited to participants with previous health fitness qualifications and/or extensive practical experience due to the amount of self learning involved. Access to the internet is required to download course notes/presentations and to file reports/assignments.

Health & Hygiene
Course participants should not be suffering from any illness or injury that may prevent them from participating in all aspects of training and sitting final practical and written examinations. It is the responsibility of each student to be in good health, and if required, a student must present a certificate of good health from their doctor. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance while attending any course with NSC. If a student fails to follow good hygiene practice it is the duty of tutors and staff of NSC to highlight this. Every student is expected to dress appropriately and act in a courteous, professional manner while attending the school.

Final examinations are both practical and written.  NSC Students are advised to complete a minimum of 6 hours study/practice per week.  If you do not study and practice outside of course contact hours you greatly reduce your ability to understand course subject matter and this may affect the chances of passing final examinations. A student must achieve a grade of 70% on theory papers and practical assessments to pass. Final examination fees are included in your course fee. Exam re-sits are €30 per exam (written or practical). This fee also applies to project work returned late. Students who re-sit an exam can only achieve a maximum mark of 70%. It is the responsibility of a course participant to contact the college upon receipt of their results to discuss any exam re-sits – the college will not contact you. If a you miss a test for any reason you will be charged a re-sit fee. All examination results must be verified by an external quality insurance auditor prior to release. Final exams results are usually issued within 28 days of sitting.

Course Fee
To guarantee a student place on our diploma courses a deposit is required. Diploma/certificate deposits will be refunded up to the first day of the course, all payments are non-refundable after this date.  Course fees paid by standing order or direct debit must be paid on the dates agreed whether or not you are attending the course. Students can only sit final examinations when course and examination fees are paid in full.

Course Dates
Due to unforeseen circumstances, course start dates may be put forward by up to 4 weeks. If a course is postponed for more than 4 weeks a full refund will be given. Each course has set dates and times for training. If, during a course, a training day has to be cancelled due to bad weather for instance, this date may be added on to the end of the course or the training hours missed my be split and added to the current training days, ie. an extra hour per day is added to the following six training days for a training day missed. Please leave 4 weeks free at the end of your course in case extra days need to be added. Any added dates will fall on the same training days of the course, ie. a weekend course would have extra training days added on weekends